Waterloo Iowa Events

Iowa's largest sports show with more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 2,500 attendees from across the state. Iowa's largest boat show with thousands of boats from all over the country and the best boat builders and manufacturers in the world.

Local and guest artists play chamber music in a variety of different environments in the Cedar Valley. Watch the robotic wonders created by teams from all over the region as they came to Cedar Valley to take part in this unique event. Enjoy live music, crafts, food, crafts and more, just to name a few, as well as live entertainment.

Teams and their families will spend a fun day at Cedar Valley Waterpark with a variety of activities, from water slides to roller coasters, roller skates to a lost - in - water roller coaster. In and around the water park there are also a number of other fun activities and activities for children and families.

The CVSC UNI Dome remains a popular venue for a variety of events and hosts one of the most important events in the USAW each year. The facility can accommodate up to 100,000 people and thousands of spectators from across the state and beyond. We organize indoor and outdoor events ranging from small, regionally limited festivals to tie and state championship events.

If you want to spend your free time doing more sports, you can attend the UNI Panthers of Sporting events at the University of Iowa. Those who want to spend their free time - time for more sports - can also participate in a UNU Panthers Sporting at any time of day.

The UNI football team plays its matches on the opening pitch, which is equipped with lights and a scoreboard. The Moonlight Classic is designed for travel and competition teams and offers teams the opportunity to play under the lights. The premier pitch with its high ceilings, wide open space and spacious seating is the ideal place for a major sporting event.

Throw in a convenient location that is easily accessible from pretty much anywhere and you have what it takes to be a truly outstanding sporting event. We also have a sports facility that can host a number of different sporting events.

We have a high quality public address system, we also supply custom made electric baby wings that can be transported to any size and shape of the venue in the Waterloo area, and we have custom made lighting. We have selected wedding entertainment experts and our Howl2GO team works tirelessly to make your event perfect. Don't take local performances that don't deliver the professional performance needed for the biggest night of your life. HowL2 GO is the best place to get married, duel, and other special events you'll never see anywhere else.

Live wedding music keeps everyone on the dance floor until the last guest leaves the dance floor after the reception. If you are planning a special event with a large number of guests and a high level of entertainment, we will provide tailor-made entertainment so that your guests can dance and sing all night long.

Our production team will deal directly with the venues in Waterloo and put together a bespoke event for you. Howl at the Moon's Musicians take your guests "wishes as seriously as your musical needs.

If you are interested in experiencing this kind of event anywhere in the Waterloo area, we will be the performers. Volunteers facilitate this event by controlling traffic, surveying participants, unloading chemicals and electronic objects from their vehicles and much more.

To attract more people to the event, we will be able to tell guests at Waterloo that the howling of the moon will provide entertainment. Hundreds of spectators and golfers will gather to watch, join in and join in, hoping to meet the greats. Play under the lights on the state's best football field and shine for the students - athletes. It will be a great memory for the players, their fans and all of us.

The Waste Trac Education Team is looking for about 60 volunteers to help residents with the drop-off event. Please follow the event sign - at the top of the following event signs for more information on the Waste to Waste Recycling Programme in Waterloo.

Please make sure that the songs and materials are suitable for all attendees and be ready for a variety of musical styles such as rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, blues, rockabilly and country - rock.

Bringing Howl2GO, a Waterloo-based shooter, will give you a taste of their upcoming show Duel in the Sun. The Taste of the Loo celebrates the diversity of restaurants in downtown Waterloo with food trucks, live music, food vendors and more. While there will be no pancake breakfast in 2021, Hartman's Reserve, which makes syrup, plans many programs to celebrate the process behind the syrup product. In 2022, the annual event will provide an opportunity to learn how to make real maple syrup by gathering juice and cooking it into syrup.

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